Thursday 19 May 2016

The Outliers by Kimberly McCreight

I'm not sure Cassie is what I would call a good friend or a friend at all for that matter. Do friends dump you to become part of the popular group in school? Do friends abandon you in your hour of need, and most importantly do they put you in a dangerous situation to make their own lives easier?

Cassie seems to be quite a selfish young lady, who likes to embrace trouble and the wild side of life. Trying to coerce your friends to join you in the middle of nowhere, not to tell anyone and put themselves in danger. All those choices lack common sense.

Jasper doesn't appear to live up to all the bad reputation that trails behind him. In fact a lot of the stories seem to be flavoured by the input of others. More specifically by Cassie. Begs the question, why would she want Wylie to think the worst of her boyfriend?

As soon as they reach the camp everything becomes a little far-fetched. Who sent which messages to whom was especially confusing.

The plot goes from a friend in need and possibly mixed up with drugs to a whole different ball game.Wylie and her friends are suddenly a commodity.Then she is part of an elite group of gifted individuals. The goal posts keep changing during the story.

It wasn't necessarily the change in the storyline that made this seem a bit chaotic. It was as if the author changed her mind about the plot and made the end of it fit in with the rest. With more clarity and direction this could be an interesting series.

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