Saturday 14 May 2016

Soldier by Julie Kagawa

I was completely underwhelmed by Soldier. Kagawa is a brilliantly creative writer with quite a few best-selling series.Talon is full of dragon politics, genetic manipulation and a love triangle, This book is a little on the tepid side though.

This is the third in the Talon series, an urban fantasy with scaled fire-breathing shifters. It sort of felt like an in between book packed with information with the sole purpose of leading us into a culmination of the fighting between all the factions.

Ember is still trying to figure out whether she should listen to her dragon or her human side when it comes to Garret and Riley. Her dragon clearly wants Riley, but perhaps more on a physical level. Her heart wants Garrett on an emotional level.

No wonder she is confused, irritated and suffering from insomnia. I suppose it's like having two souls, which technically she probably does.
Things are heating up, loyalties are being questioned and connections are being revealed. Betrayal at the highest level is on the table. Nothing is as it seems.

Soldier may be full of action, but it is a little low on the usual entanglements, herzschmerz and meaningful interactions. Perhaps the next instalment will have more of Kagawa's usual flair.

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