Tuesday 31 May 2016

Cloud Country by Andy Futuro

The Special Sin series is an eclectic mixture of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Speculative Fiction. In this book Futuro focuses more on the speculative fiction side of this series.

I have to admit I really enjoyed the first book No Dogs in Philly. Perhaps more so than this one, because the mixture of the genres was balanced in a way that helped to create literary magic. This book lacked the same balance.

Saru blames herself for the destruction at the end of the first book. The deaths of innocents are really weighing heavily on her conscience.

At first she completely forgets the implication of ridding herself of the implant. Ripping herself free from the general consensus and mass thought or action being regurgitated by those around her.

Her actions also inadvertently influence those around her. In this case John the Gaesporan, another one set on discovering his individuality and separating himself from the hive. Not sure Saru realises how much more damage her single-handed rebellion will cause to those who are aware of their surroundings and themselves, and those who aren't aware at all.

Saru was missing her spunk and quest for answers in this book. She spent a lot of time wandering aimlessly through the confines of abstract fantasy worlds, with the sole purpose of those worlds being mass fornication.

I look forward to seeing where Futuro takes this series next and hope that some of the aspects of the first book will reappear.

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Read No Dogs in Philly (Special Sin #1).

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