Tuesday 31 May 2016

Desolation by Derek Landy

It's hard not to feel sorry for Amber, she really is put through the ringer in this book. For someone who can change into a humongous demon she sure does get beaten up a lot.

Of course that might have something to do with the high amount of serial killers that are chasing her now. Ever since she outsmarted the Shining Demon in the last book every killer who is looking for a demonic boost is after her.

For me the highlight of this trilogy is still the relationship between Miles and Amber. He is a man of secrets and a volatile past, but he truly cares about her. Amber literally has no one left to rely on or trust for that matter.

Her parents want to eat her and they have already eaten her older siblings.That is what I call bad parenting. No wonder she has trust issues.

I didn't understand the need to mess with the recipe of book 1. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Milo has retreated into the background, there are too many new characters that play a main role and have chapters written about their storyline in the their POV, and there seemed to be a fixation on having pain inflicted upon Amber.

Kelly and company weren't in the first book. I assume their quest to get rid of killers will be featured in the third book.They are chasing them and Amber is being hunted by the killers they are chasing. I still think Milo and Amber would have been fine by themselves without any newbies. The violence seems to be escalating, so Landy needs to keep a certain balance to stay in the YA lane.

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