Review Policy

I admit I am a hardcore bookworm and will read almost anything, but there are only so many hours in the day, so I have to draw the line somewhere.

I am not big on erotic fiction, so I'm less likely to accept requests for that particular genre.
It is also a no when it comes to sewing, knitting and crafts.

Other than that I usually try a sample of a book after receiving a request that piques my interest, and if I like what I read in the sample I say yes. Saying that I do receive a lot of requests and some of them slip through the filters.

Sending via Amazon gift
I prefer not to receive books via Amazon gift. I understand this is an easy way to send them, however having an AVP tag (Amazon Verified Purchase) and then a disclosure within the review is dodgy. Aside from the obvious Amazon guidelines in regards to reviews, it is just a personal preference.

Digital files or E-books
I prefer to receive Kindle files (Mobi ect), but have no problem with PDF ect. Sending them straight to Kindle just happens to be a lot easier.

Hard-copy, Paperback or Hardbacks
This also isn't a problem. I know some authors prefer this to digital. I am situated in the UK, so please take that into consideration if you are thinking of sending a hard-copy, as opposed to a digital file.

I do have quite a long TBR list. If I accept a request I will get to it (eventually). Feel free to query if it has been a while. I get snowed under and sometimes forget the odd book, despite extensive folders with lists and schedules.

Most importantly please remember that each person who reads your book will have a subjective opinion and individual experience. My reviews are only ever and always my own honest, personal and often quirky reading experience with each book.

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