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  1. Hi Cheryl, You were a valuable part of Blindefellows, my debut novel's blog tour last year. Would you be interested in being part of my second novel's blog tour in March? So far I have 5 quality bloggers such as yourself. The new novel is set in an international school in a totalitarian state (but it is a comedy!). Happy to send you over a paperback if that's your preference. Regards, Auriel

    1. I did send you a message on Twitter when I read this.

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  3. Hi Cheryl - I would like to thank you all again, for taking the time to review my book ‘More Than A Game’.
    I’d like to turn your attention to a Podcast that discusses the contents of the book, you might find interesting.

    Thanks Again
    Ralph Robb

  4. Hi Cheryl. My name is Larry Lauritzen. I'd like to request you review my audiobook, Regardless of The consequences, a mystery/thriller, narrated by Randy McCarten. it runs approximately ten hours and is available for free on Freeaudiobooks-UK.
    Apache officer, Lance Tallbear, enters the sacred Superstition Mountains after the discovery of a mystery plane crash. The mountains, still feared by his people and others because of the legends and grisly deaths, hold the keys to solving a mystery dawning from the start of WWII. It haunts some, yet drives others into the searing heat of the Sonoran Desert. The bodies he discovers at the site and the secrets they hold rise from the past to threaten him and all he holds dear. Thomas Kane, a high-ranking government official appears, offering him a simple solution—bury the case, or resist, and be buried with it.
    I want to thank you for your time and consideration of my work.