Thursday 12 May 2016

Redemption Road by John Hart

Hart is the personified storyteller with a talent for words. His writing is excellent. The premise also needs a certain insight, expertise and research to get the reactions just right when it comes to the rape. His description of the Channing and Liz's experience in the basement, and their emotional and physical reactions, is realistic and on point.

The flashbacks, the denial and the whispers in the ear, the smell of his breath and the nightmares are all part of the daily torture. Channing and Liz are connected on a level no one else can understand. They survived the basement together.

The truth may set one of them free, but it may make the other seek deeper into the quagmire of her feelings of shame. Powerless instead of powerful, no control and ultimately becoming the victim instead of being the saviour.

Ask yourself whether you would kill, if you found a young woman, man or child being brutally assaulted. If given the opportunity and weapon in hand would the anger blind you and take over? Vigilante justice instead of legal recourse?

Liz finds herself applauded by some, whilst others just see her as a liability. A dangerous cop, who kills instead of bringing in the suspects. Not everything is black and white in the grey shades of daylight.

Simultaneously an old case has reared it's head again, because the killer is being released. Not everyone believed he was a shoe-in for the brutal killing but the new bodies piling up since his release seem to suggest otherwise.

Hart writes a compelling plot with plenty of twists and turns. Regardless of which crime he focuses on, the other one never sinks below the surface. They are both given equal attention and run smoothly alongside each other.

I really liked the way the author dealt with the abuse and assault element of the story.The reactions of the women, the parents and the colleagues. The shame, blame and the guilt.

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