Sunday 12 July 2020

#BlogTour The Unwinding by Jackie Morris

It's a pleasure to take part in the BlogTour The Unwinding by Jackie Morris.

About the Author
Jackie Morris is an author and illustrator. She studied illustration at Hereford College of Art and Bath Academy and has illustrated many books, and written some. The Lost Words, co-authored with Robert Macfarlane, won the Kate Greenaway Medal 2019.

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About the book
The paintings between these covers were worked in the between times, an unwinding of the soul, when the pressures of work were too much. Dreams and wishes are the inspiration at times like this. Threaded through the curious world of The Unwinding are words, slight and lyrical. Their aim is to set the reader’s mind adrift from the troubles of our times, into peaceful harbours where imagination can stretch, where quiet reflection can bring peace.

The Unwinding is designed to be a companion, a talisman to be turned to again and again and a place of respite from an increasingly frantic and complex world.

When I received this book I oohed and aahed over it. It's just one of those books that is a thing of beauty. A piece of artwork to be cherished and shared. Okay, you've got me - I won't be sharing it, but I will be buying it for others.

It reminds me of The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse which is also a book that serves more than one purpose. When you look beyond the story you see the beauty of the illustrations. It becomes a melding of colour, shapes, words, pictures and ultimately an experience that conjures up emotions. That emotional connection is what Morris is aiming for, regardless of what kind of connection. I think there is a hope that it will bring peace, joy, happiness and calm. However that depends on each person and their own frame of reference or state of mind whilst interacting with The Unwinding.

For me it was like listening to beautiful music. A joy so pure it can evoke the deepest heartfelt emotions. I see the work, the art and the hand of the artist reaching out to readers through the pages. Connecting in small moments of serenity. The words become a culmination of this vision of storytelling.

The tales themselves are lyrical prose with a grounding in lore, fairytales and myths. Old tales in new formation with the same goal - to enchant the reader with images and words that wander through the mind and indeed in time.

I loved it. It's a treasure and I wouldn't hesitate to buy it as a gift for someone else. I can absolutely imagine it becoming a book someone picks up in moments where solace is needed or a moment of vanishing into the page is sought.

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