Sunday 19 July 2020

#BlogTour Starchild: A Memoir of Adoption, Race, and Family by Michaela Foster Marsh

Today it's my turn on the BlogTour Starchild: A Memoir of Adoption, Race, and Family by Michaela Foster Marsh.
About the Author
Michaela Foster Marsh is an acclaimed musician with three albums to her credit. Her work has appeared in television and film, including Dawson’s Creek and The Matthew Sheppard Story. She has been invited to sing at the Monaco International Film Festival, the Cannes International Film Festival, and for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.

Michaela is the founder and Executive Director of the Starchild charity, which works primarily with vulnerable children and women in Uganda, where it has built the School for Creative Arts in the village of Vvumba, near Kampala. In 2017 Michaela was a finalist in the Evening Times Scotswoman of the Year award. She has received a UK Prime Minister’s Award for her work in Uganda, a Peace and Unity Award from the First Minister of Scotland, and Clarkston, Glasgow, a Community Champion Award.

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About the book
Starchild: A Memoir of Adoption, Race and Family is Michaela Foster Marsh’s account of her remarkable journey – a story which takes her from Scotland to Ireland, Canada, England – and finally to Uganda. It is here that she comes face to face with the fascinating truth about Frankie’s birth – and an African family she never imagined she had. But finding Frankie’s biological family is not the end of Michaela’s story – or Frankie’s. Moved by the plight of poverty-stricken Ugandan children, Michaela resolves to honour Frankie’s short life by building a school in his memory - and the Starchild charity is born.

I really love the way Marsh talks about her brother and their relationship. For her there is no difference between blood related and non-genetic relationship. Frankie is and was her brother and that is due to her parents raising them to believe that they are true siblings. This is the way it should be, but we all know it's not always the case.

For their family the word parent was synonymous with the person who raised and cared for you, and not necessarily the person who gave birth to you. I think it speaks volumes that Frankie felt so safe and loved.

It's completely normal for an adopted child to eventually find out where they come from. Not all adoptive parents or families agree, but I think it's a fundamental journey that has to be taken, often just so there is closure. It's not about the adoptive parents it's very much about getting answers and understanding where you come from genetically.

Starchild is an emotional journey and yet also an eye-opener. Marsh made the journey her brother never managed to embark on only to be confronted with a troubled country and children in need of support and help.  Marsh has taken her experiences and turned them into something positive.

A legacy for the young man who only lived a few decades, but he certainly left his mark on this world and his sister is making sure he is never forgotten.

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