Friday 17 July 2020

#BlogTour The Dead Tell Lies by J.F. Kirwan

Today it's my turn on the Blogtour The Dead Tell Lies by J.F. Kirwan.
About the Author
J. F. Kirwan is an insomniac who writes thrillers in the dead of night. He is also a psychologist, and has drawn upon this expertise, including being taught by a professor who examined serial killers for Scotland Yard, to pen the crime/mystery/thriller The Dead Tell Lies for Bloodhound Books. He wanted to shed light not only on the darkness of serial killers, but of those who track them down, who must inevitably step inside the serial killer’s worldview, and may not come out clean afterwards.

He is also the author of the Nadia Laksheva thriller series for HarperCollins (66 Metres, 37 Hours and 88 North). His favourite authors include Lee Child, David Baldacci and Jo Nesbo. He is married, and has a daughter and a new grandson, and lives between Paris and London.

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About the book
Greg Adams, a criminal psychologist at Scotland Yard, specialises in bringing serial killers to justice. He tracks down a spree serial killer nicknamed the Divine, who has already killed six teenage girls and is about to kill a seventh. Greg works out the location where he is hiding and joins a raid. The police capture the Divine and save the girl, but on the very same night, Greg’s wife is brutally murdered by another serial killer, known as the Dreamer.

A year later, unable to bring the killer to justice, Greg has quit his job and is ready to end it all, when he receives a phone call from a man who tells him the Dreamer is dead, and that he didn’t kill Greg’s wife, Kate.

Greg returns to Scotland Yard to work for Superintendent Chief Detective Donaldson in the hope he can re-examine the case with the help of two new detectives, Finch and Matthews.
As Greg delves into the case further, he becomes more convinced that the Dreamer wasn’t the man responsible for his wife’s murder. But if it wasn’t the Dreamer, who was it?

In order to solve the mystery around his wife’s murder, Greg is going to have to delve even deeper into the mind of a terrifying psychopath. And this time he might not make it back in one piece…

The problem with being a successful hunter of serial killers is that you could become a bit of a challenge to them, perhaps that is why they get the scent for well-known criminal psychologist Greg Adams. Whilst he bathes in the glory of catching another monster his wife is meeting her death at the hands of a monster he wasn't watching out for.

A year later and his inability to bring his wife's killer to justice is destroying his mind and his life. Bit by bit the guilt is eating away at him. Should he stay or should he go - should he live or die?

It reminded me of Wire in the Blood and 100 Code. The emphasis is on thinking like a serial killer to not only understand them, but also try to predict their every move. The trouble with that is the unpredictability factor, especially when it comes to this plot.

Kirwan delivers a brutal and often violent read or a hint of violence. His main character often teeters on the brink of a deep dark abyss, which is an interesting parallel to draw. When you spend your life trying to heal and comprehend the most depraved in society it's probably only a question of time until some of it wanders into the psyche of even the most sane and professional person.

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