Wednesday 22 July 2020

#BlogTour Lost Souls by Jonathan & Jesse Kellerman

Today it's a pleasure to take part in the BlogTour Lost Souls ( also known as Half Moon Bay) by Jonathan Kellerman.

Century will be publishing the new book from international publishing sensations, father and son duo, Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman. Lost Souls is a gripping new thriller featuring deputy coroner Clay Edison, who becomes involved in reopening a fifty-year-old cold case in the beautiful and atmospheric Half Moon Bay area of California. 

About the Author
Jonathan Kellerman was born in New York City in 1949 and grew up in Los Angeles. He helped work his way through UCLA as an editorial cartoonist, columnist, editor and freelance musician.

In 1985, Jonathan's first novel, When the Bough Breaks, was published to enormous critical and commercial success and became a New York Times bestseller. Bough was also produced as a TV movie and won the Edgar Allan Poe and Anthony Boucher Awards for Best First Novel. 
A detective under pressure - Deputy Coroner Clay Edison is juggling a new baby who won’t sleep with working the graveyard shift. For once he’s trying to keep things simple.

A haunting discovery - When infant remains are found by developers demolishing a local park, a devastating cold case is brought back to light.

A desperate search for answers - Clay has barely begun to investigate when he receives a call from a man who thinks the remains could belong to his sister – who went missing fifty years ago. Now Clay is locked in a relentless search that will unearth a web of violence, secrets and betrayal. - Because in this town, the past isn’t dead. It’s very much alive. And it can kill.

There are so many good crime reads flooding the markets it's hard to find one that delivers a great read and simultaneously doesn't leave a reader with that feeling it could have been just a tad better. When I do stumble upon one that manages to grip me from start to finish, and I have no qualms about recommending it - it leaves me with this feeling of having a sated reading experience. A bit like after having a piece of perfectly moist cake covered in sugary frosting. All the right ingredients can become a moment of perfect bliss - if mixed correctly.

Clay is called to a scene where the bones of an infant have been found. As his job begins a desperate and frustrated man contacts him because he thinks the bones belong to his sister. The mystery of the bones draws Clay into a dangerous world of white supremacy, the rebellious essence of the 70s and the sense that some lives fall through the cracks too easily.

Kellerman (both obviously) combines mystery, crime and the parallels between Clay and the people he interacts with, both victims and criminals. The unsung parents who are confronted with the reality of an infant that doesn't know the books have said it should do xyz at a certain time. Books and experts who, much like the NHS and other medical welfare institutions insist on giving advice to new mothers and fathers - advice that changes as often as the wind changes direction. Advice that doesn't cover every child or situation. Books written by experts that appear to be gurus in one era but are recognised as the mother-shamers, puppets of the patriarchal system and often nothing more than brand names with theoretical expertise.

It's a gripping character-driven crime read, an absolute page turner - a cracking read.

Buy Lost Souls at Amazon UK or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher: Cornerstone Digital; pub date 23 July 2020. Buy at Amazon com. Lost Souls is published by Century in £12.99 hardback on 23rd July 2020. Buy at Waterstones.

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