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#BlogTour The Hunter by Andrew Reid

It's my turn on the BlogTour The Hunter by Andrew Reid. Reid keeps it popping and the reader on their toes with this gripping crime action novel. It's a read that captivates from start to finish and never fails to surprise.

About the Author
Born in Scotland, Andrew Reid worked as a research scientist for almost a decade, on projects including DNA synthesis, forensics, and drug development. His short fiction has featured in several anthologies published by fox spirit books and his fantasy novel serial on Wattpad amassed nearly 175,000 reads. The Hunter is his debut novel.

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About the book
In the ring, Cameron King is known as The Hunter. A celebrated champion. A warrior.

But when her brother, science genius Nate, deliberately crashes the car they're in and vanishes without trace Cameron is left with a career in ruins, a reconstructed body and one burning question: why?

A troubled genius who vanishes in a mysterious car crash. A disillusioned cop sensing conspiracy in the corridors of power. A ruthless team of mercenaries operating in the shadows. A billion-dollar business that wants the world in its grip. One link connects them all. A champion fighter. Betrayed and searching for the truth. Cameron King is The Hunter.

Let me just start by saying that this story is non-stop action from the beginning until the end. Reid has created a strong female lead, who is a force to be reckoned with and an adversary to be feared. Cameron thinks on her feet, fights with a cold brutality that often turns into a burning rage, and is obsessively driven by a need to know why her brother Nate betrayed her.

Simultaneously she struggles with the emotional turmoil of loving her brother and her gut instinct. At least part of her thinks she can trust him to act in her best interest. She believes all of that, despite the fact he is known for thinking only of himself, and of course he is the reason she can no longer enter the ring and continue her career as a celebrated fighter.

What makes this read so captivating to me are the fight scenes, specifically those with the main character. They are extremely well-researched, described and delivered. You can almost feel Cameron flexing her muscles, rolling her shoulders and accessing her opponent. My favourite element is the way she chooses to do the least expected move in the middle of a conflict. Instead of running in the opposite direction she will lunge headfirst into the onslaught.

Reid keeps it popping and the reader on their toes with this gripping crime action novel. Cameron King is the kind of female action protagonist the book world needs. We need more strong characters girls and women can identify with. It's okay to be emotional, approachable and independent, but it is equally okay to be a strong and physically capable woman too.

I really enjoyed meeting Cameron King and her accidental sidekick Ray. It's a read that captivates from start to finish and never fails to surprise. The only thing wrong with this incredibly good debut novel is the fact there isn't a second book I can read straight away, and that I now have this unnatural desire to kick the hell out of people and become a kickboxing cage fighter.

Buy The Hunter at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher: Headline; pub date 7 Feb. 2019

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