Friday 8 February 2019

#BlogTour Gallowstree Lane by Kate London

It's a pleasure to take part in the BlogTour Gallowstree Lane by Kate London. It's the third book in the Collins & Griffiths series, but can be read as a standalone novel. It's a dynamic police procedural with a character-driven plot.

Kate London - photo by Tim Flach

About the Author
Kate London graduated from Cambridge University and moved to Paris where she trained in theatre. In 2006 Kate joined the Metropolitan Police Service. She finished her career working as part of a Major Investigation Team on SC&O1 - the Metropolitan Police Service's Homicide Command. She resigned from the MPS in August 2014. Her debut novel Post Mortem was published by Corvus in 2015.

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About the book
Please don't let me die. Please don't. The final words of teenager Spencer Cardoso as he bleeds out on a London street, his life cut short in a single moment of rage.

When a teenage boy steps out of the shadows of Gallowstree Lane and asks a passer-by for help, it's already too late. His life is bleeding out on the London street.

The murder threatens to derail Operation Perseus, a cover police investigation into the Eardsley Bluds, an organised criminal network. Detective Kieran Shaw can't and won't allow that to happen. But fifteen-year-old Ryan has other ideas. He's witnessed the death of his best friend, and now he wants someone to pay...

As loyalties collide, a chain of events is triggered that threatens everyone with a connection to Gallowstree Lane.

When it comes to modern day crime in Britain nothing could be more on point than the rise in knife crime in Britain, more specifically in the capital. It has become a veritable Wild West scenario, except the weapon of choice is knives and the majority of crimes are being committed by youths and teens. The MET, well the police in general are woefully understaffed and are trying to stay on top of what can only be called an epidemic at this point.

Sarah is called to the crime scene of a knife crime. A young teen has been killed as part of a gang vs gang act of revenge. His friend witnesses the stabbing and inadvertently becomes a pivotal player in a story that questions whether there is any escape from the inevitable destiny of a criminal and socio-economically depraved environment.

In this book it becomes even more apparent how much of a connection DI Sarah Collins and DC Lizzie Griffiths have. The common denominator is their gender in relation to working in what is considered to be a more masculine job. They both have to contend with having to work ten times harder to prove themselves.

Now that Lizzie is a single mother she finds it hard to reconcile the image and life she had before she was faced with finding dependable childcare and getting through her daily work commitments. She is struggling to cope and expects her baby daddy to do his bit to support, he however has completely different ideas. The kind of drastic solution only a manipulative and desperate person would come up with.

London makes a valid point about women who want both careers and children often being forced to choose one or the other, whereas their male colleagues never seem to have to make the same choices. Although society has come a long way to trying to level the playing field, it is still women who suffer when they want both worlds at the same time.

It's worth mentioning that although this is the third in the Collins & Griffiths series and that some plot elements lead on from previous books, this can absolutely be read as a standalone novel. It's a dynamic police procedural with a character-driven plot.

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