Tuesday, 26 February 2019

#BlogTour The Girl Next Door by Phoebe Morgan

It's my turn on the BlogTour The Girl Next Door by Phoebe Morgan. It's a psychological thriller that takes no prisoners and leaves the survivors hoping they won't be targeted next.

About the Author
Phoebe Morgan is an author and senior commissioning editor. She studied English at Leeds University after growing up in the Suffolk countryside. She has previously worked as a journalist and now edits crime and women’s fiction for a publishing house during the day, and writes her own books in the evenings. The Doll House was her debut novel. It became a #1 iBooks bestseller and spent over 8 weeks in the Kindle top 100. Her second book, The Girl Next Door, was published on the 21st of February 2019 in paperback, ebook and audio, and a third will follow in 2020.

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About the book
One little lie just became deadly…

Perfect mother. Perfect wife. Jane Goodwin has spent years building her picture-perfect life in the quiet village of Ashdon. So when sixteen-year-old Clare Edwards is found murdered in Sorrow's Meadow, Jane knows she must first protect her family.

Every marriage has a few white lies and hers is no exception. Jane's worked hard to cover up her dark secret from all those years ago - and she'll do anything to keep it hidden...

It starts off with a creepy Lovely Bones kind of vibe. The seemingly perfect neighbours with loving couples living behind their white picket fences. The last people anyone would suspect of having a less than happy life.

Of course we all know that in reality behind every door the most heinous of secrets can be hidden from the world. Just because everything appears to be fine on the exterior it doesn't mean the interior is idyllic.

When a teenage girl goes missing and is found murdered a few hours later everyone becomes a suspect, even her stepfather. The beautiful, vivacious young girl caught the eyes of many men, who perhaps shouldn't have been eyeing her up like cats sniffing a bit of catnip.

I have to tread carefully not to give any of the plot away, because the reader deserves to experience the nasty little twist themselves. I could however talk about it for yonks. Kudos to the author for the twist and the way she has incorporated a relevant and extremely important topic as part of the crime. An element of of our society, which is often ridiculed and buried among other statistics.

The insidious dark nature of abuse is often determined by preconceived notions and this idea about potential perpetrators and victims. These misconceptions lead to a large number of cases being dismissed or warning signs being brushed aside like a pesky fly.

It's a psychological thriller that takes no prisoners and leaves the survivors hoping they won't be targeted next. I really enjoyed the way Morgan wrapped it all up in the end. I absolutely agree that to understand the face of evil or a person with a certain psychopathology one should end the story the way they would end it.

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