Friday, 2 April 2021

#BlogTour Hollywood Hero by Madelle Morgan

It's my turn on the BlogTour Hollywood Hero by Madelle Morgan.

About the Author

Growing up, Madelle enjoyed nineteen summers at her grandparents’ cottage on Georgian Bay in the beautiful District of Muskoka, Ontario, Canada, named by National Geographic Traveler magazine as one of their top 20 Best of the World Must-see Places.

Muskoka is Canada’s summer playground for many wealthy families and Hollywood celebrities. The Hollywood in Muskoka series updates the upstairs/downstairs trope: successful people in the film industry on vacation fall for service providers.

Madelle lives in Ottawa, Canada’s capital, with her husband and their labradoodle Raven. She dreams of owning a waterfront cottage. Or at least a pool.

About the book

Unrequited love is hell on earth. Personal assistant Wendy Davila is in love with her boss, Halden Armstrong, megastar of the Apollo superhero film franchise. But she can’t compete with the succession of stick-thin blond beauties he’s caught and released. Or can she? When Halden asks Wendy to accompany him on a fishing trip to Muskoka, it’s her chance to remake her dark-haired, curvy Latina self into his ideal woman and cast her hook for Halden. Can he trust her?

Halden has been burned by love. The last thing he wants is a woman like his ex who faked it until she landed him. Wendy is special, and the private trip is an opportunity to explore his feelings for her. However, the Greek god has an Achilles’ heel. Can he trust Wendy with a secret that could ruin his career? And will she still care for him when she learns the truth?

 When Apollo falls off his pedestal, Wendy must decide if the man she adores is a keeper.


Wendy has got the hots for her boss, who just happens to be a movie star. Realistically that means no chance, especially because he tends to like his women wafer thin and blonde. Wendy doesn't tick any of his boxes at all.

When the two of them take a trip together they have to deal with the leftover baggage from previous relationships, the pressures of being in the public eye and the insecurities both carry around with them. Will they connect and become more than just personal assistant and handsome star?

I think it's fair to say there is a bit of bonk, rumpy pumpy, clenching and unloading of loads - if you catch my drift. However the story leading up to said bonkety bits is what you would expect from a romance with an eventual crescendo or not, as it may be.

It's a romance, pure escapism -  pulling and tugging of two people who have an physical connection. The question is whether it can be more than just that.

Buy Hollywood Hero at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher: McBride Publishing Group pub date 8 Mar. 2021. Buy at Amazon com. Amazon Ca. Kobo. Apple.

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