Thursday 15 April 2021

#BlogBlitz Willow Weeps by Louise Worthington

It's my turn on the BlogBlitz Willow Weeps by Louise Worthington.

About the Author

Born in Cheshire, England, Louise studied literature at the University of Essex. As a teenager she read until the small hours, enjoying the darker worlds conjured by Stephen King and Daphne du Maurier.

Louise is the author of the bestseller, Rachel's Garden, another psychological thriller and Distorted Days which Kirkus Review described as 'a formidable work.'  Her chilling blend of the lyrical and the dark is the most gripping in her thrillers and horror.

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About the book

A secret is a lie in the making. A charming divorcee and his young daughter. The promise of a new life – together as a family, in an apartment in a historic building.  A fresh start – or the key to a nightmare?Who will Willow believe – a young offender, or the love of her life?

Page-turning and emotional, Willow Weeps is the gripping new thriller from the author of Rachel’s Garden and The Entrepreneur. 


Willow seems to have a life on the brink of being almost perfect until she decides to move in with her boyfriend. Then her life is filled with messages, warnings from behind the veil - from her sister. Her dead sister. 

It's very much a story told by an unreliable narrator. There are many times when both the reader and Willow isn't aware how much she is actually experiencing and how much of it is imagined or a result of her internal narrative. 

Clearly I've been doing life wrong if being a mature woman, and being able to notice said maturity in myself, is equal to being a bit of a sociopath. Willow really isn't your average kind of character, although if you asked her she would be the first to deny any fault of hers, but secretly she would admire herself for being such a successful psycho.

This was a bit of a too many cooks in the kitchen kind of thing. Too many threads, many superfluous, and not enough of them coming together in a way that made sense from a story perspective. At times there seemed to be too many sub-plots and not enough focus on a main thread.

At the same time I wonder if perhaps Willow is a character the reader may misinterpret or rather interpret depending on how they read her. For me she was someone who was the danger, as opposed to her sensing some external danger courtesy of her dead sister. That's perhaps what was missing though, the conviction of writing a flawed main character and accepting she isn't just the protagonist, but also the antagonist of the story.

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