Thursday, 1 April 2021

#BlogBlitz Corfu Capers by Joy Skye

 It's my turn on the BlogTour Corfu Capers by Joy Skye.

About the Author

Joy lives on the seductive island of Corfu with her four dogs and an embarrassing number of cats. 

Her many years working in the tourist industry on this sunny isle and her love of all things literary inspired her first novel Corfu Capers which recently hit the #1 spot in Parenting and Family humour much to her delight.

She loves to cook, dance and drink wine, usually at the same time, and is currently working on book number two, due to be released later this year. 

She also loves to travel, absolutely anywhere, and is looking forward to jumping on a plane!

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About the book

Five people, three secrets, one planned proposal. What could possibly go wrong? A holiday in a luxury villa on Corfu sounds like the answer to all their prayers but it will change their lives forever. A week in paradise might not be long enough…


There's nothing like a holiday to bring out the best and the absolute worst in people, especially when they find themselves in beautiful and inspiring surroundings. Perhaps even more so when great plans are afoot, but unbeknownst to the planners not everyone is on board with said plans. 

It's worth it just to dig a little deeper when it comes to Kate and the way she smothers - mothers - Scott. She is a woman laden with the baggage of her marriage, and the way she was betrayed and abandoned. She is so subconsciously afraid of being left that she tethers her son to her side like a ball and chain, which is detrimental to any romantic relationship he would like to embark on.

It's essentially a comedy of errors - the perfectly planned holiday is waylaid and disrupted by miscommunications and general confusion, which are all the more hilarious given how much time goes into the planning. In fact the email communication between Peter and Kate is truly something to behold - to think some of us just book and arrive.

Although this is absolutely an escapism read I have to give the author kudos for letting the more serious elements of the story, and thereby making a clear stand about love and who you love, slide in there without much ado. As it should be.

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