Thursday 15 October 2020

#PublicationDayPush Parasite? The Secret Diary of a Landlord by The Secret Landlord

Today it's the Publication Day Push for The Secret Diary of a Landlord by The Secret Landlord.

About the  Author

The Secret Landlord has been renting, refurbishing and selling properties across the UK for almost two decades. An award winning landlord, as judged by the National Landlords Association, The Secret Landlord has provided accommodation for hundreds of tenants from all walks of life. 

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About the book

Get ready to learn what really happens behind closed doors. 

Landlords have become one of the most hated groups in society. Parasites, they’re often called. And there’s a lot of them. The Treasury estimates there are almost 2.6 million landlords in the UK with around 5.45 million rental properties.

But the real life of a professional landlord is very different to what most people think. From burglaries and break-ins to drug raids, police warrants, crazy tenant antics, bailiffs, squatters, lawsuits, wrecked properties, interfering council officers, game-playing freeholders to moments of heartfelt joy and happiness, the life of a landlord is never dull. Especially when the government keeps moving the goalposts.

This explosive front line exposé blows the lid off what it’s really like to be a landlord and the shocking reality of renting out a property. Hovering close to a nervous breakdown and likely suffering PTSD, The Secret Landlord exposes truths rarely shared. Stories that will grip you, move you and smack you in the face. 

This is the truth, the other side of the door. 


I can see this book being a bit of a controversial read. Possibly because those dabbling in the realms of being landlords, especially with multiple properties, are in the minority. The majority of people are renters, somewhere in the middle will be outright buyers. Saying that, it's becoming harder nowadays to pick up properties because there are so many landlords willing to add yet another place to their portfolio.

Let's be frank though, SL, as the Secret Landlord calls herself, very much has a right to her perspective on the situation and the problems which arise from being a landlord and responsible for multiple properties. They might not be pretty observations, and often seem to lack empathy, but then one has to remember that we are talking money and a business venture. When being a landlord is a job, a business then takes precedent over anything else. Money talks, as they say, especially when you are losing it.

Of course there is always another side to the story and each renter has their own story to tell. Having been on both renter and owner side of the story - not as a landlord however - it's easier to see both sides. Some landlords believe they own you, your lifestyle, your interior decorating style and habits in general, just because you pay them money to stay in their property. Landlords have to deal with the disrespect their properties are treated with, the constant emergencies and the money-pits some of these properties become because of bad tenants.

Either way, it's an interesting piece of non-fiction, which comes off now and again as harsh, but then reality the world of renting isn't an easy one to navigate.

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