Saturday 31 October 2020

#BlogTour When The Music Stops by Joe Heap

Today it's a pleasure to introduce you to this special book and take part in the BlogTour for When The Music Stops by Joe Heap.

About the Author

Joe Heap was born in 1986 and grew up in Bradford, the son of two teachers. His debut novel The Rules of Seeing won Best Debut at the Romantic Novel of the Year Awards in 2019 and was shortlisted for the Books Are My Bag Reader Awards. Joe lives in London with his girlfriend, their two sons and a cat who wishes they would get out of the house more often.

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About the book

What have you been up to?’ I shrug, ‘Just existing, I guess.’ ‘Looks like more than just existing.’ Robert gestures at the baby, the lifeboat, the ocean. ‘All right, not existing. Surviving.’ He laughs, not unkindly. ‘Sounds grim.’ ‘It wasn’t so bad, really. But I wish you’d been there.’

Ella has known Robert all her life. Through seven key moments and seven key people their journey intertwines. From the streets of Glasgow during WW2 to the sex, drugs and rock n’ roll of London in the 60s and beyond, this is a story of love and near misses. Of those who come in to our lives and leave it too soon. And of those who stay with you forever…


I cried.

I won't say which part of the book made the tears flow, because that would give some of the plot away, but Heap managed to tug on those strings when I least expected it. Completely blindsided me after I had become almost complacent to Ella's almost natural ability to sail through every situation. To draw upon the strength and love of others to save herself when she finds herself in a state of confusion and complete isolation.

I loved this book. It's plotted with precision and yet also has a unique element of chaos about it all at the same time. The endearing is combined with the selfish, the worry with the tender care, and the lies with the hard uncomfortable truth.

Heap is an exceptional storyteller and that is perhaps what will attract the readers the most - his ability to switch from present, past and somewhere in between without losing focus or the attention of the person turning the pages. Ella isn't a perfect character. Ella is a main character who has lived a life full of regrets, wrong choices and paths never taken. 

This is what she realises subconsciously as her ability to keep memories, facts, people and time in a straight order is threatened by her own inner enemy.

The author connects Ella, her emotions and memories to her musical abilities and a very special guitar. All of which is born from a sense of guilt, loss and grief, which is perhaps why is reluctant throughout to actually live the life she wants to. Being good, better and exceptional becomes synonymous with the ghost of her past - living her life for someone else?

Her story takes place in a segment of memories, as she returns to those who have made the greatest impact in her life, as they in turn help her to overcome her fear in a time of need. It's truly an exceptional read I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to other readers.

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