Friday 30 October 2020

#BookBirthdayBlitz Love Offline: Looking For Romance In Real Life by Olivia Spring

Today it's the Book Birthday Blitz for Love Offline: Looking For Romance In Real Life by Olivia Spring.

Love Offline is available to read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited. It is also available to read for FREE in Prime Reading until late November. 

About the Author

Olivia Spring is a British, London-based writer of contemporary women's fiction, sexy chick lit and romantic comedy. Her uplifting debut novel 'The Middle-Aged Virgin', which was released in July 2018, deals with being newly single in your thirties and beyond, dating, relationships, love, sex and living life to the full.

Olivia published three novels in 2019: 'Only When It's Love', 'Losing My Inhibitions' and 'Love Offline'. ‘The Middle-Aged Virgin in Italy’, the hotly anticipated sequel to ‘The Middle-Aged Virgin’ and Olivia’s fifth novel, was published in July 2020. 

When she's not writing, Olivia can be found making regular trips to Italy to indulge in pasta, pizza and gelato and of course, seeking inspiration for her next book!

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About the book

Emily’s Struggling To Find Romance Online. Will Ditching The Dating Apps Lead To True Love? 

Online dating isn’t working for introvert Emily. Although she’s comfortable swiping right at home in her PJs, the idea of going out to meet a guy in person fills her with dread. 

So when her best friend challenges her to ditch the apps, attend a load of awkward singles’ events and find love in real life, Emily wants to run for the hills. 

Then she meets Josh. He’s handsome, kind and funny, but Emily’s had her heart crushed before and knows he's hiding something… 

Is Josh too good to be true? Can Emily learn to trust again and if she does, will it lead to love or more heartache? 


Emily has a choice to make - hide away from the world or accept that the world is going to move on with or without her, so she might as well make sure it is with her. Breaking up with her boyfriend was hard, but seeing him happy with someone else has taken her to a breaking point.

Her best friend decides to help get Emily out of her rut by forcing her to engage with the world outside via events for singles. A daunting thought for anyone in her position.

In a way this is a coming-of-age story, albeit a young adult who starts to discover their own strength and confidence. Finding a way out of the mind-set of living in a world where online acceptance carries more weight for some than actual real interactions.

I think Spring makes an interesting point about the way people are consumed by the online lives, photos and storylines made specifically for viewers - for an audience. You have to acknowledge the fakery or be able to differentiate between the real and the fake. And you don't have to play happy families with your ex. You are entitled to put them far behind you in the past.

Although it is a story of hope, as a reader I couldn't help but feel sympathy for the plight of women and men having to navigate the world of meeting a partner when everything is online and takes place in a throwaway society.

Buy Love Offline at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher - Paperback: Hartley Publishing pub date 28 Oct. 2019. Buy at Amazon com. 

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