Saturday 31 October 2020

#BlogTour One More For Christmas by Sarah Morgan


Today it's my turn on the BlogTour One More For Christmas by Sarah Morgan.

About the Author

Sarah Morgan is an international bestseller and the Top Ten Sunday Times bestselling author of The Christmas Sisters and A Wedding in December. She has sold over eighteen million books worldwide.

Sarah lives near London, England with her family and when she isn't writing or reading, she likes to spend time outdoors hiking or riding her mountain bike.

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About the book

For sisters Samantha and Ella Mitchell, Christmas is their most precious time of the year—a time for togetherness, love and celebration. Most of all, it’s about making up for everything their childhood Christmases lacked. But this year, they’ll be buying presents for the most unexpected guest of all—their estranged mother. It’s been five years since they last saw each other. But when their mom calls out of the blue and promises that this Christmas will be different, Samantha and Ella cautiously agree to spend it all together…

Gayle Mitchell is at the top of her career, but her success has come at a price—her relationship with her daughters. She never seemed to say or do the right things. Her tough-love approach was designed to make them stronger, but instead managed to push them away…until a brush with her own mortality forces Gayle to make amends. As the snowflakes fall on their first family celebration in years, the Mitchell women must learn that sometimes facing up to the past is all you need to heal your heart…


Gayle is a career woman who made a choice, a choice that meant leaving her two daughters behind her as she built her remarkable career. It takes a freak accident for her to realise that perhaps she made the wrong choice somewhere along the way.

There was a really interesting point made by Gayle at the beginning of the book, that when you achieve a lot or very often people tend to use the word 'lucky' in combination with your achievements. It absolutely is dismissive to assume that luck, as opposed to hard work, plays a role in a successful career, especially when it comes to women. 

It resonated with me because certain close individuals feel I achieved because I somehow had more help, when the truth is that I worked hard for each exam and to achieve each rung of my career ladder, because I was determined to succeed. These kind of phrases tend to be used in context with the success of women a lot more than men. Men are successful because they work hard, women are successful due to others or luck.

I think Morgan really hits the nail on the head with her personal note to readers. In these really difficult times, especially with a different kind of Christmas looming, we all need to be disappear into the folds of a heartwarming and jolly old festive story.

With that in mind I also want to note how much more depth the author is adding to her characters. She has clearly established a firm place in women's fiction. It's not just about fluffy unicorn love and endings, which is also fine, but Morgan digs deeper to make her characters more relatable to the reader. 

These fractured mother-daughter relationships could be something a reader responds to, because the reality is life isn't just all about happy, love and butterfly moments. Sometimes it hurts and huge steps have to taken to overcome pride, baggage and to right previous wrongs. As always Morgan gives readers an excellent reading experience.

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