Monday 1 July 2019

#BlogTour Maker of Footprints by Sheila Turner Johnston

Today it's my turn on the BlogTour Maker of Footprints by Sheila Turner Johnston. It's romance, a story of perseverance and love.
About the Author
Sheila Turner Johnston was born in west Cork, Ireland and spent her childhood in different counties the length and breadth of the country, as the family moved wherever her father’s job took him. She attended Queen’s University, Belfast, and apart from managing to graduate against all her expectations, one of her best experiences was reading her poetry to an audience that included Seamus Heaney.

Sheila has won prizes for both fiction and non-fiction, and has written many articles for both local and national publications. She and her husband Norman founded the publishing house Colourpoint Creative Ltd, which is now owned and managed by their two sons.

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About the book
Meeting him was easy. It was knowing him that burned bone. Paul Shepherd is dangerous. He crashes into Jenna’s life like an asteroid into an ocean. Willful and exhausting, he stirs feelings that
make her confront all that has kept her safe – and bored. Relentless and determined, he needs Jenna with a desperation she does not understand. Jenna discovers that, although she can try to hide from Paul, there is nowhere to hide from herself.

But he is married...
What do you do when you discover you are not the person you thought you were?

Are there some boundaries that should never be crossed? Even if you meet someone and have an instant physical, emotional or even a less tangible connection to them.

Jenna feels an instant attraction to Paul, which would be fine if there wasn't the small matter of his wife and his brother, who happens to be dating Jenna. Not exactly the right circumstances to meet someone who appears to have a connection with you too.

If you've known or experienced a really passionate relationship, especially as a younger adult or person, then how Jenna reacts and behaves may resonate with some readers. The kind of relationship that makes you question everything you've known up until that point.

The real question is whether you should act on those feelings. It's an interesting one. Personally I would never and have never crossed the line with someone who has a partner, however I know plenty who don't see it as a deterrent to act on their desires.

It's a drama filled read, and the drama can be a little predictable and swiss with holes, however those moments are equalled out by some really emotional and heartfelt moments. Those moments balance the read and take it from just any old romance story and take it to the level of something more.

The author gives the reader some beautiful introspective scenes. They are sometimes magical and also cross the plane between the real and the ethereal. That's especially the case in the last chapter and the ending.

It's romance, a story of perseverance and love. A tale of meant to be, regardless of all the obstacles.

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