Wednesday 17 July 2019

#BlogTour Don't Tell Teacher by Suzy K. Quinn

Today it's my turn on the Blogtour Don't Tell Teacher by Suzy K. Quinn. It's an intriguing psychological thriller with a doozy of a twist.

About the Author
Suzy K Quinn is a British fiction author, and writes in three different genres: psychological thriller, comedy and romance.

She was first published by Hachette in 2010 with her debut novel Glass Geishas (now Night Girls), then self-published a romance series, the Ivy Lessons, which became an international bestseller and a #1 Kindle romance bestseller in the US and UK.

After her second daughter was born in 2013, she self-published the Bad Mother's Diary series, which also went on to become a #1 Kindle romantic comedy bestseller.

Suzy K Quinn's novels have been translated into 7 languages and her books have sold over ¾ million copies worldwide.

Suzy lives in Wivenhoe, Essex, with her husband Demi and two daughters, and travels to Mexico every year to write and study Mayan story telling. Suzy loves her family, friends and readers, but when pushed to add more to the list, she also loves travelling, food and alcohol.

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About the book
School should have been the safest place…

For Lizzie Riley, switching her six-year-old son Tom to the local academy school marks a fresh start, post-divorce. With its excellent reputation, Lizzie knows it’ll be a safe space away from home.

But there's something strange happening at school. Parents are forbidden from entering the grounds, and there are bars across the classroom windows.

Why is Tom coming home exhausted, unable to remember his day? What are the strange marks on his arm? And why do the children seem afraid to talk?

Lizzie is descending into every parent’s worst nightmare: her little boy is in danger. But will she be able to protect him before it’s too late?
Bites tongue. Tells brain not to let the cat out of the bag. What a deliciously twisted plot, my my my Suzy Q.

There are so many elements to this story and all of them are worthy of a natter. At the core of this psychological thriller is abuse. Abuse from every angle. Taking the overburdened system to task and showing the weaknesses of said system.

Lizzie and Tom live in constant fear of her ex. She keeps the both of them hidden away to stay safe, which doesn't appear to make a difference to her ex mother-in-law or her own mother for that matter. Her own mother is a sandwich short of a dramatic and narcissistic picnic.

If that wasn't enough to deal with, with the fact Tom has secured a place at a great school, is negated by the strange security procedures and the odd behaviour Tom has been showing lately.

Kate and Tessa are perfect examples of why social workers have a high rate of burnout. The responsibility of so many lives lays in their hands. One small mistake or oversight can lead to a fatal mistake. There aren't enough social workers to deal with the many children and young people in the system, and that's only counting the ones that they know about.

Kate finds it difficult to navigate the increasing pressure of such an important job. Her gut and professional decisions are often second guessed by Tessa, which makes it harder to help anyone. It's time she learnt to be assertive and to go with her gut feeling.

I was in two minds about the plot towards the end, perhaps because it felt like letting the majority of abusers go with a slap on the wrist. However on reflection I think it's important to shine on a light on these types of scenarios, I can't go into it in too much detail without giving away too much.

Kudos to Quinn for showing the inadequacies of the social care system, the loopholes children fall through and the pressure and danger both groups are subjected to. It's an intriguing psychological thriller with a doozy of a twist.

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