Thursday 25 July 2019

#BlogTour About That Night by Elaine Bedell

Today it's my turn on the BlogTour About That Night by Elaine Bedell.

About the Author
Elaine Bedell was a BAFTA award-winning TV producer before becoming Controller of Entertainment at the BBC and Director of Entertainment & Comedy at ITV. She has commissioned and produced some of the UK’s most popular entertainment shows, including The X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, Take Me Out, Britain’s Got Talent, The One Show, Top Gear and Saturday Night Takeaway. She lives in Hackney and has two children. She is currently Chief Executive of the Southbank Centre. About That Night is her first novel.

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About the book
Sometimes it only takes one night to change everything…
Elizabeth Place might have been jilted on her wedding day one year ago, but at least she’s still got her brilliant job producing one of the biggest shows on TV!

But when larger-than-life TV host, Ricky Clough, dies live on air, her life is sent spinning out of control. And with foul play suspected, the spotlight is turned firmly on his colleagues – especially Hutch, the man desperate for Ricky’s job and whom Elizabeth is secretly dating.

As her world comes crashing down around her, Elizabeth realises that perhaps the only person she can really trust, is herself…8
Elisabeth has a difficult job. She has to wrangle a star with nothing but a sweet tongue. A star who has a penchant for insulting others and has now paid the ultimate price.

It's not a thriller per se, but rather a murder mystery written with the flair of a modern contemporary read. In fact it's almost as if two reads go hand in hand.

You have the death of the star of the show, which the reader is brought back to in intervals. At the same time we get to know Elisabeth, her relationships and the men in her life. The author retraces life all the way back to a specific night, which is somehow connected to Elisabeth and the victim. It's done in a way that makes the reader doubt there is any connection at all - but then we don't know the entire story.

I enjoyed the way Bedell went about it. It kind of keeps you on your toes. You aren't quite sure where the story is heading until you realise you sort of knew it all along.

The epiphany of Elisabeth, the moving forward and the quirky story that goes with the poor dead presenter. It comes together, albeit in a way that sometimes appears disjointed, when in actual fact it is part of a well structured plot.

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