Saturday 13 July 2019

#BlogTour The Last Stage by Louise Voss

Today it's my turn on Blogtour The Last Stage by Louise Voss. It's a psychological thriller, a murder mystery fuelled by fear and paranoia.
About the Author
Over her eighteen-year writing career, Louise Voss has had eleven novels published – five solo and six co-written with Mark Edwards: a combination of psychological thrillers, police procedurals and contemporary fiction – and sold over 350,000 books. Her most recent book, The Old You, was a number one bestseller in eBook. Louise has an MA (Dist) in Creative Writing and also works as a literary consultant and mentor for writers at

She lives in South-West London and is a proud member of two female crimewriting collectives, The Slice Girls and Killer Women.

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About the book
At the peak of her career as lead singer of a legendary 1980s indie band, Meredith Vincent was driven off the international stage by a horrific incident. Now she lives incognito in a cottage on the grounds of Minstead House, an old stately home, whilst working in the gift shop. Her past is behind her and she enjoys her new life.

But a series of inexplicable and unsettling incidents have started to happen around her – broken china, vandalised gardens… And when a body is found in the gardens of Minstead House, Meredith
realises that someone is watching, someone who knows who she is and who wants to destroy her…

A dark, riveting and chilling psychological thriller, The Final Stage is a study of secrets and obsessions, where innocent acts can have the most terrifying consequences.

Meredith enjoys being one of many, as opposed to the star and music idol everyone wants to be. In a crowd full of people, she would rather be completely anonymous now. She knows what it's like to be known.To be loved, admired and hated in equal measures. It's the price of fame or at least it was.

She left fame and notoriety behind a long time ago. Something terrifying made her shut down and leave a promising career behind. In doing so she also effectively ended the career of her band members as their popularity ground to a halt soon after she left.

Since then she has been a recluse, trying hard to make the smallest of ripples in the large sea of humanity she swims in. But someone knows who she is and they aren't about to let her forget it or live in peace for that matter.

It's a psychological thriller, a murder mystery fuelled by fear and paranoia. Aside from being an intriguing thriller it hits upon how fame has its price and downfalls. Fans often believe they are entitled to a front seat to your life. I imagine it can feel intrusive and scary at times, especially when there is the very real danger of disturbed individuals becoming obsessed and dangerous.

The point it made to me is that the smallest moment can be insignificant for one person in a group or situation, but for another person it can be the most significant moment in their lives. The fact one person doesn't realise the significance can be the beginning of a reign of terror for the other.

Voss likes to give her readers characters with plenty of flaws and imperfections - it makes the read more realistic.

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