Wednesday 12 May 2021

#BlogTour The Players by Darren O'Sullivan

It's my turn on the BlogTour The Players by Darren O'Sullivan.

About the Author

Darren O'Sullivan is the author of psychological thrillers, Our Little Secret, Close Your Eyes and Closer Than You Thin. He is a graduate f the Faber Academy and his debut novel, Our Little Secret, was a bestseller in four countries. He lives in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire where his days are spent either behind his laptop writing, in front of a group of actors directing theatre or rolling around pretending to be a dinosaur with his young son.

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About the book

In this game it’s kill or be killed. A stranger has you cornered. They call themselves The Host. You are forced to play their game. In it one person can live and the other must die.

You are the next player. You have a choice to make. This is a game where nobody wins…


This is the evolution of anonymity on the net. The sad thing is the majority will bay for blood and engage, especially if it isn't their life on the line. Fight club - the non-voluntary kind. Pitted against each other, what do you do? Do you commit the heinous to save many or keep your morality and send everyone to their graves.

Someone is playing an evil, murderous game with innocent people. Watching them destroy each other on command of a completely anonymous stranger. What is the endgame here? How many people have to die?

How quick people are to give up all their power, especially if someone or something they love is threatened. How fast they are willing to cross the boundaries and ignore their impulse control. What would you do? 

It's dark. Of course it is - it's O'Sullivan. I think he enjoys putting the worst of us on paper. Thinking up the kind of scenarios that will force readers to think about the choices they would make if they ended up in these twisted scenarios. The truth is everyone is capable, it just depends on the circumstance.

Temptation or pressure, life or death, regardless of who you are there will always be the moment when you have to make a choice. Do you kill, be killed or do you make a decision the host least expects? It's a read that teeters on the edge of insanity and control. Like I said it's an O'Sullivan.

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