Monday 24 May 2021

#BlogTour Maltese Steel by Stuart Field

 It's my turn on the BlogTour Maltese Steel by Stuart Field.

About the Author

Stuart Field is a veteran who now works in security after serving twenty-two years in the British Army. As well as working full time he writes in his spare time. Stuart was born and raised in the West Midlands in the UK. His love for travel has been an inspiration in some of his work with his John Steel thriller series. As well as future John Steel novels, Stuart is working on a new series and standalone novels. Follow @StuartField14 on Twitter, on Facebookon Goodreads, Visit

About the book

A woman is found dead on the island of Gozo. The cops say she fell from the Azure Window tourist spot, but her father thinks otherwise. CIA Section Chief Foster needs help to prove it was murder, so he turns to the only person he knows can get the job done: John Steel.

The Hive, securely seated under the US Embassy on the island of Malta, is an operation that monitors all passage from North Africa and the Middle East into Europe and the US. A platform that requires the latest in technology and facial recognition.

In seven days, that software will be updated. In two days, all hell will break loose. And the clock is ticking for an attack on American soil.

Together with the beautiful Sammara Malk of Mossad, can Steel find out who killed Lucy - and stop whoever is behind the impending attack?


In this book I think more than ever the reader gets to see the two sides of Steel. The man he was before his own life was turned upside down and the man he subsequently became. The cold unfeeling expert only lets his warmer side shine through now and again. It just won't do to let anyone perceive any weakness on his behalf. Not even old friends.

Saying that he is also incredibly loyal and when his comrade-in-arms calls in his hour of need Steel doesn't hesitate to rush to his aid. He pulls out all the stops to discover whether his goddaughter fell to her death of her own accord or was she helped?

It's a crime come espionage story with a main character who really doesn't give two monkeys what people think of him. The end justifies the means, right. I guess that is what makes Steel such an interesting character, the fact he completely ignores all the rules to get results. His enemies underestimate his tenacity - he is like a dog with a bone. A bone he is willing to set fire to if needed.

It's in need of a really good edit. I can see readers getting hung up on that and not being able to enjoy the story because of the mistakes, flow and structure. It could possibly just be a question of the wrong kindle edition being uploaded though, because I have read others by Field and not encountered any problems.

It's a fast paced crime series with a bite. Field appears to be letting Steel drift into a more sinister, dark and ruthless direction, which is fine when it comes to the perpetrators and them getting what they deserve, but it would be a pity to see what's left of his humanity disappear. 

Buy Maltese Steel at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher : Terminal Velocity - A Next Chapter Imprint; pub date 20 Feb. 2021. Buy at Amazon com.

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