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#BlogTour Space Taxis by A&H Frosh


It's my turn on the BlogTour Space Taxis by A&H Frosh.

About the Author

Adam wasted much of his youth watching Star Trek on the TV and films like Planet of the Apes and Alien on the big screen. He redeemed himself by becoming a surgeon but has since graduated from writing articles for science journals into writing his own Sci Fi and Alternate History stories. 

As a writer he is dedicated to giving his readers a great story laced with strong, fun and scary characters. Descended from Jewish refugees who escaped from the pogroms, he is haunted by the stories of the Holocaust but inspired by heroes who put themselves at risk to save others. Adam likes to hear from his readers. You can find him at adamfroshauthor or on his Facebook page,  Follow @SpaceTaxis on Twitter

Harriet will never be able to let go of Greek gods. No, not the sculpted Adonis-like figures on the beach, but the ancient ones. 

Loving all things mythological, her writing incorporates myths and legends from around the world. Her other fascination is with the criminal mind, and you can expect to see a blend of these two interests in her writing. 

As a student of English, she spends her day critiquing literature and her evenings creating exciting characters and fun stories.

Harriet is also an artist, and she would like to hear from her readers and those interested in her art. You can get in contact at

About the book

He's abducted by aliens to the planet Vost. He's saving up for his fare home. But he's got the small matter of a planetary apocalypse to deal with first...

In 1977 a New York Cab driver Mike Redolfo is abducted by aliens after being mistaken for a renegade scientist. Meanwhile, back in 1944 a mysterious man and his Jewish fiancée are fleeing across Nazi-occupied Europe.

Redolfo tries to keep a low profile on his new world whilst earning his fare home, but unwittingly gets involved with a shady gang of alien criminals, inadvertently bringing the planet to the brink of catastrophe.

As the link between the timelines becomes clear, Redolfo must discover secrets from the past that may hold the key to saving the planet.


You must be pretty important to the alien race to be kidnapped with the taxi you are sitting in. Then discovering that their world is just as full of bureaucratic obstacles as the world you come from. Being stuck in space after a case of mistaken identity and unable to get back home. 

Simultaneously in 1944 a couple is in the midst of the Holocaust. They are trying to evade almost certain capture from the Nazi's. As they struggle to stay alive and out of the death machine created by Hitler's henchmen one of them emerges as someone quite extraordinary. Someone who can manipulate and control certain events, which makes him interesting to the power hungry.

You might want to strap on your seatbelt when you step inside this taxi in particular. It's a wild multiple genre story, which is peppered with a layer of faction as it weaves from speculative, to historical and into sci-fi. The Frosh writing duo gives readers a broad spectrum of creativity and ideas.

The story seems to have a wave-like vibe to it and I wonder if it is due to the dual authorship. It gives the read an essence of puzzle pieces trying to find their adjacent pieces - creative and intriguing parts of a story being so individual they struggle to connect, and yet in the end they ultimately do.

Is Space Taxis the beginning of a bigger story or perhaps a series? I look forward to finding out.

Buy Space Taxis at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher : Burton Mayers Books pub date 6 Nov. 2020. Buy at Amazon com.

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