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#BlogTour The Hiding Place by Jenny Quintana


It's a pleasure take part in the BlogTour The Hiding Place by Jenny Quintana.

About the Author

Jenny Quintana grew up in Essex and Berkshire before studying English Literature in London. She has taught in London, Seville and Athens. Her first novel, The Missing Girl was published in 2017 and chosen as a Waterstones thriller of the month. Our Dark Secret, her second novel, was published in 2020. She now lives with her family in Berkshire

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About the book

Some houses have their secrets. But so do some people…

From Jenny Quintana, the bestselling author of The Missing Girl and Our Dark Secret, comes The Hiding Place: a story about identity, love, long-buried secrets and lies.

Marina is adopted. She’s always known this – but the circumstances of her birth remain a mystery. Baby Blue, the newspapers nicknamed her at the time, after she’d been found wrapped in a blue shawl, in the hallway of a large, shared house in London.

24 Harrington Gardens. That was the house. And it’s still standing now Marina is an adult; still split into flats. And one of them is to let…

Of course, Marina knows that the chances of her uncovering the truth about her birth are remote – but she hopes the house might hold some clues.

What it it’s not just the house, though? What if someone connected to it knows what really happened that day? Someone who doesn’t want the truth to come to light?


Like many adopted children, Marina feels she needs to know the truth about her birth to get any closure. The innate sense of connection or rather the wanting to know who her biological parents were or are has nothing to do with what she feels for her adoptive parents. In particular she wants to know why her mother abandoned her in a residential building full of flats.

That means she wanted Marina to be safe and found by someone, right? So many questions and not enough answers, which is why she embarks on a journey or investigation to find out the whole truth. But sometimes you need to to let sleeping dogs lie.

It's a slow burner, a contemporary read with a domestic mystery vibe. The search for truth uncovers the kind of secrets that can become dangerous even after so many decades. Quintana gives readers a combination of a read driven by emotions - a heartfelt read and yet also one that hints at the darkness hidden behind closed doors.

I kind of liked the way the author keeps the reader wondering about the kind of story it is. The majority of the story absolutely plays on the emotive topic of birth ties and the loving relationships of non-birth carers, whilst the element of danger pops up here and there to give it an entirely different feel. 

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