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#BlogTour The Beijing Conspiracy by Shamini Flint


It's my turn and the last day on the BlogTour The Beijing Conspiracy by Shamini Flint.

About the Author

Shamini Flint was born and brought up in Malaysia. Having studied law at Cambridge University, she travelled extensively throughout Asia for her work as a corporate lawyer, before becoming a writer, part-time lecturer and environmental activist. Shamini now lives in Singapore with her husband and two children. She is the author of the highly acclaimed Inspector Singh mystery series.

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About the book

A long-lost daughter. An explosive secret. A lethal conspiracy.

Ex-Delta Force soldier Jack Ford is trying to put the past behind him. But when he receives a letter from someone he hasn't spoken to in thirty years, claiming he has a daughter, he can't resist investigating for himself.

Soon he's on a plane to China, a country he hasn't returned to since witnessing the atrocities of the Tiananmen Square massacre. But on his search he stumbles upon a document which both the Chinese and American governments are desperately chasing. Now Jack is trapped in an impossible dilemma: save his daughter or prevent a new world war where thousands will lose their lives.


Jack Ford has never really put the events of the Tiananmen Massacre behind him. The images, the flashbacks and the decisions of those days still haunt him. They are brought back to the forefront of his daily life when he receives a request for help from someone he left behind in China and his alleged daughter. It means having to immerse himself back into the ruthless political machinations of a regime that doesn't stand for any opposition - ever.

This book is especially poignant given that the anniversary of the Tiananmen Incident is looming. It's hard to believe it has already been over three decades. I recently watched an interview with one of the leaders of the protesters who was lucky enough to survive and escape. He hasn't seen his family in three decades, can't return to China - for obvious reasons - and his family isn't allowed to leave China. 

He made a really important point - the young protesters were absolutely convinced they would be able to sway both public and government opinion by standing up for their rights and against the oppressive regime. Instead the protest and subsequent massacre was used as a tool to instill fear and even more oppressive measures on the country. It signaled a significant change in the way the authoritative rule governed and controlled the people of China.

It's a captivating political thriller with aspects of espionage, which is based on the factual events of the Tiananmen Incident and the mystery of the Tank Man, who becomes the centre of this story. I actually enjoyed the way the author took this Kodak moment in history and built a story around the identity and mystery of said man.

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