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#BlogTour Death in the Sound by Rhen Garland

Today it's my turn on the BlogTour Death in the Sound by Rhen Garland.

About the Author
Rhen Garland lives in Somerset, England with her folk-singing, book-illustrating husband, approximately 4000 books, an equal number of ancient movies, and a large collection of passive-aggressive Tomtes.

She enjoys the countryside, peace, and Prosecco and the works of Ngaio Marsh, Glady Mitchell, John Dickson Carr/Carter Dickson, Agatha Christie, Simon R Green, and Terry Pratchett.
"I watch far too many old school murder mystery films, TV series, and 1980s action movies for it to be considered healthy."

"Death in the Sound" is a murder mystery thriller with paranormal touches set in late Victorian England and is the second book in the Versipellis Mysteries Series, book one “A Portrait of Death” was released in 2018.
About the book
The Versipellis Mystery Series Book Two.
The year is 1900, responding to a desperate plea from an old friend, Elliott, Giselle, and Thorne, accompanied by Veronique the Labrador, travel from England to New Zealand to unravel a new and complex mystery.

For his daughter’s twenty first birthday, Millionaire philanthropist Octavius Damant orchestrates a weekend party aboard the Taniwha, a luxurious paddle steamer moored in the primordial and isolated landscape of Milford Sound.

Several high society guests are invited to their remote home for the celebrations; Sir Wesley Eade, society lawyer and his beautiful but icy mistress Lady Leonora Carlton-Cayce, Dona Carla Riva, a flamboyant Brazilian dancer, and Carolyn Nolloth, O.D’s estranged sister-in-law who has a great love of other people’s money.

But O.D is the subject of persecution; a series of anonymous letters accuse him of past crimes and threaten the life of his daughter unless he gives in to their creator’s poisonous demands. Elliott, Giselle, and Thorne discover the odds stacked against them when an unforeseen murder is committed, and they find themselves trapped aboard the Taniwha with a killer who will seemingly stop at nothing to achieve their ends.

As the body count rises, they must unravel the clues and piece together a devilish jigsaw that includes blackmail, extortion, desire, and the reappearance of the fabulous Larkspur Diamond, a gemstone with a past as murky and blood soaked as that of the relentless killer on board.

Set in the late Victorian era, with a touch of the odd, and a twist of the macabre, “Death in the Sound” continues the crime solving, paranormal escapades of Elliott Caine, Giselle Du’Lac, and Abernathy Thorne.

Book One, “A Portrait of Death” was released in 2018.

Although this is the second book in The Versipellis Mystery series, both can be read as standalone novels. In this book Octavius Damant hires a crew of actors to entertain and celebrate a spectacular twenty-first birthday for his daughter by throwing the kind of party she won't forget in a hurry.

Set on a paddle steamer, which really reminded me of Death on the Nile, and it is absolutely the perfect setting for this mystery.

Elliott, Giselle, and Thorne have been called in to help, and yet find themselves in over their head and trapped on the steamer with a ruthless killer, and plenty of people with motives. Someone has a very specific target in mind, perhaps more than one person have the same target.

Clearly the Chymeris enjoy provoking the world in general and entertaining themselves with scenarios a la Christie invites you for dinner and murder. The result is a bizarre murder mystery story with a paranormal story, although paranormal could be debatable as the Chymeris have a speculative, soulless sci-fi aspect to them.

The question is whether the good guys will ever figure out how to defeat them or it, when the Chymeris are always ten steps ahead of everybody else - and they are oh so smug about it all. Quite infuriating really.

Garland is clearly very creative and I think the full potential has yet to be uncorked. At the moment there are brief moments of storytelling that pull you in, others that pull you along as a reader and them some that still need a bit of polish. Either way I think this is just the beginning.

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