Wednesday 31 August 2016

What Remains of Me by Alison Gaylin

I think the premise skirts precariously close to the reality of the really dark underbelly of Hollywood's sexual deviants.

People in positions of great power who abuse children, teens and vulnerable people. Young people who are enamoured by the idea of fame and fortune.

Kelly has spent more than half of her life behind bars for murder. Shooting a high profile Hollywood director hasn't exactly endeared her to the public. On top of that she is married to the son of her victim's best friend.

The relationships in this plot are quite complex and intertwined with each other. Betrayal, mistrust, lies and revenge are a daily occurrence. No one is trustworthy in this game of deception.

All the events in Kelly's life lead back to her sister. The sister who decided her life wasn't worth living any more. The young girl with a hunger for fame and ambitions that prove to be the beginning of her end.

Gaylin lays some interesting red herrings in the plot. Is Kelly an innocent bystander, a victim of circumstance or is she really just a cold-hearted killer?

What Remains of Me may make you question whether her actions are those of a person without a moral compass or perhaps those of the absolutely justified vigilante. Indeed one wonders what exactly does remain of her at the end of it all.

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