Tuesday 23 August 2016

The Last of Us by Rob Ewing

What a horror scenario, a small number of children left to fend for themselves on one of the remote Scottish islands.

The pandemic has wiped out every adult and nearly everyone else on the island. There is no way of knowing how far the contagion has travelled or whether there is anyone left alive at all.

Poor little lambs. what a sad story.

Rona and Alex look to Elizabeth for guidance. She is slightly older than the two of them. They make up one group of survivors and the second group consists of the two brothers Duncan and Calum.

Just a few really young children all alone on an island fending for themselves. When I say fend I mean scavenge for food and fresh water. At least Elizabeth knows how to get clean drinking water.

It truly is a horror scenario. It is one thing to contemplate being the last of a few survivors, but when you imagine young children in the same situation, it is even worse.

Faced with the absolute carnage of a fast-acting lethal contagion these children show strength, resilience and a lot of courage. Perhaps even more than an adult because they are free from certain fears that they will eventually grow into.

I really like the way Ewing has kept the story basic and simple. In fact the simplicity of the children's thought processes, decisions and actions is what makes it such an authentic read. They still have their normal childish rivalry and squabbles, whilst having to simultaneously survive as the new adults in town.

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