Tuesday 16 August 2016

Her Survivor by Vonnie Davis

Essentially this is a romance with a sideline of ex-SEALS. Saying that I have to give due diligence to Davis for the underlying issues she incorporated into the story.

Although it is a fast read with an emphasis on love and the hot and heavy, it also throws a light on the negative physical and psychological repercussions of being a soldier.

Men and women, who battle with PTSD, nightmares, anxiety disorders and physical impairments. The psychological and physical scars are ingrained in their psyche for evermore.

Kelcee and Dustin have an instant connection and attraction. Their relationship goes from complete strangers to bed-partners within the blink of an eye. Being able to help Kelcee and protect her gives Dustin a new sense of purpose in life. He no longer feels like damaged goods or just part of a man.

Unfortunately Kelcee is hiding her own turbulent and volatile past. A past that is chasing her all over the country. The kind of past that puts her new lover and his friends in mortal danger.

As I said before it is an easy quick read with a healthy portion of bedroom antics interwoven with some serious topics.

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