Thursday 7 July 2016

Ink and Bone by Lisa Unger

The Hollows seems to be a place where the supernatural and inexplicable collide. Eloise appears to be the anchor in this place. A way to keep the balance.

This case is Finley's initiation in a way. It is time for her step up and also time for her grandmother to step down.

Finley's talent or gift manifests itself in a variety of ways. Sometimes she can hear sounds, other times she can see images and now she even finds herself inhabiting the bodies of other people. Her gift is developing and growing stronger. The more Eloise lets go, the deeper Finley gets drawn in.

She is asked to look into the disappearance of a little girl.The parents are at loggerheads, because one wants to resign himself to the fact she has gone and the other believes she is still alive. The father has his own motivation for moving on, and plenty of pent up guilt, because he wasn't able to help his child.

Unger describes the desperation of the mother very well. The need for closure, the need to know what happened, regardless of whether her child is alive or not. Not knowing is often worse than knowing.

Unger has a created an Urban Fantasy setting with a sliver of light horror flowing through it. It has the potential to be a compelling series. If that's the case we might get to see Finley learn to control her gift a little better.

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