Monday 4 July 2016

Circle: The Diary of Stella Moore by Peter Dudgeon

This is the sequel to Chance. I would suggest reading the first book, mainly because it will really help readers to understand Cassie and what she has been through.

It also explains the relationships she has with Laura and Frank, aside from that it is just a good read.

I wish there had been less of a jump forward in years. I would have liked to have read about Cassie between Chance and before Circle. Then we might have seen more of Aaron and Laura. In Circle the events take place 7 years after Chance. Cassie is on the brink of adulthood, which means she can put the past into perspective, and also sees any future visions in a different way.

Her visions are similar to seizures and Cassie often becomes part of the person or the evil she can see. She experiences the events as if she is there, often through the eyes of the perpetrators.

If you have read Chance you will be aware of the hidden society of sexual deviants run by high powered and well-known men in society.

Dudgeon likes to mix his fictional with the stark reality of abuse, sexual exploitation, domestic violence and rape. In Stella's case he makes the case for the thin line between coercion and consent. When the line is crossed both the victims and outsiders have trouble recognising the difference between abuse and actual true consent. This is also sometimes the case for the perpetrators.

Maybe Dudgeon will let Cassie and Frank become a more permanent fixture, perhaps a psychic-detective combo? Hint, hint.

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Read Chance, by Peter Dudgeon.

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