Sunday 3 July 2016

Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan

There is nothing remarkable about Margot. She is in the middle of a divorce, has a decent education, works as a teacher and she is the agony aunt for a smallish newspaper.

When she starts receiving letters from a young girl who disappeared over two decades ago her life, as she knows it, changes forever.

The arrival of the letters coincides with the disappearance of one of her ex-pupils, which seems to suggest some sort of connection.

The solution or the truth wasn't hard to figure out, however I wouldn't let that detract from the interesting premise and psychology involved in the process.

Is it feasible? Absolutely.Trauma, fear and anxiety can cause plenty of inexplicable physical and psychological reactions and many explicable ones.

The way Callaghan drew parallels in Margot's relationships and her mental state of health was interesting.

The thing about this book is that you can't really discuss it in depth without revealing the whole story, so I will leave it as it is and let readers find out for themselves.

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  1. The author has an excellent command of adjectives, more than anyone I’ve ever read. I had the idea of what was going on pretty early on, but I was still captivated and the book kept my attention throughout!