Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The 100 Society by Carla Spradbery

This sort of reminded me of a YA version of Scream. The reader is introduced to group of teens fairly quickly and they disappear one by one just as fast. One death more horrible than the next.

Thinking about it, it is certainly more a YA than a teen read from a plot perspective.

The actual 100 Society the title refers to isn't given much attention.

I think it could have done with a wee bit more space in the story, as it is it just sinks into a quagmire of trivial details instead.

The author sets it up well with the line you've been tagged, let the games begin, but fails to deliver a decent game.

A pity really, because as a reader I felt as if the author had let the chance to create an interesting back-story and history slide through her fingers.

How was Grace's brother involved and why is he against her involvement in the society? How did it get started? Why, who and what kind of tags?

Overall I found it all a little rushed and underdeveloped. The characters lacked depth and the plot was predictable. With some fleshing out it could have been much better, but it wouldn't change the fact it is a killer kills everyone one by one Scream scenario.
I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.

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