Friday 10 October 2014

Ruthless by Cath Stainciffe

You don't often get books turned into TV series that stick more or less precisely to the written word.

Staincliffe writes the way it would look if given to a screenplay writer, which saves and passes a particular element in her writing onto the screen.

The focus is on the interview techniques, securing a confession and in doing so being able to charge the perpetrator with the crime.

Staincliffe has created a fierce trio of female police officers, who are bound together by gender, loyalty, leadership and friendship.

I really enjoyed the character of Gill the most. Her snarky remarks, bolshy attitude and her strong leadership of those around her. She rules with an iron fist and yet still manages to maintain a close friendship with Janet. The same applies to Rachel and Janet.

The story mixes police crime with the personal lives of the three of them. Tragedy, heartbreak, past lives filled with neglect, all have to be set aside when it comes to law, order and procedure.

The author has also chosen to shine a spotlight on legal and illegal highs. An interesting point of view, focusing on the fact that the illegal drugs are probably less of a risk than the unknown legal highs being sold by drug dealers.

Staincliffe offers up a fresh breath of reality with the third book in the Scott & Bailey series.
I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.

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