Sunday 5 October 2014

Maybe This Christmas by Sarah Morgan

Finally Sarah Morgan brings us the story of the most stubborn and difficult of the O'Neil brothers.

Tyler has the reputation of a daredevil playboy, who hops from woman to woman in the blink of an eye.

The tabloids were full of his supposed exploits during his time as a ski champion and celebrity.

Unfortunately everyone tends to believe what they read in the media, despite the fact most of the gossip magazines make stuff up as they go along.

Tyler and Brenna have been friends for their entire life. Brenna has been in love with him for a long time, but keeps it hidden from everyone. Well, at least she thinks she is keeping it hidden.

The reality is every knows how she feels except for Tyler. He has no clue at all and tries very hard to maintain the strict boundaries of friendship between the two of them.

The women of the O'Neil family conspire to play matchmaker between the Brenna and Tyler. Their sly move rattles the bones and memories of the past. Brenna finally confronts a secret she has kept from everyone, a secret she let determine her life since her teenage years.

The pain and humiliation of being the victim of a bully. Day in and day out Brenna went through hell and didn't tell a soul. Now the bully is back in town and it is time to deal with her horrible past.

Sarah Morgan brings this delightful series of romances set around the Snow Crystal resort to a surprising and compelling end. In her own very specific and talented way Morgan manages to create a warm-hearted tear-jerker with plenty of laughs and a good ol' family feeling.

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