Thursday 26 June 2014

The Reaver by Richard Lee Byers

This is the fourth book in the Sundering series and it was a little on the weak side in comparison to the first three.

However this time it did feel as if it was part of a whole instead of a part of a series. The previous novels have a strong flair bestowed upon them by the writers.

It also had a strong faith and religious tone to it, which the others didn’t, and an odd mixture of characters. Pirates, wizards, vampires and prophets, albeit a very small prophet. Again even the variety flowed well and I didn’t even question the fact that thieves of the high seas were in the midst of this story.

Anton starts out as the dodgy reward seeking reaver only to be struck by a case of sympathy and morals. It is all fine and dandy kidnapping for ransom, but even Anton draws the line at a child, well after a while he does.

The Sundering is fantastic way to introduce the Forgotten Realms to people who are discovering it for the first time and taking those that know it right back to where it all began.

I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.

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