Thursday 26 June 2014

The Notting Hill Diaries by Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan has the ability to switch from cosy, snug, heartwarming romance to throbbing, breathless, heart pounding sexual encounters in a matter of seconds. The first is likely to make your heart melt and the latter will probably make you blush.

You might even find that suddenly you can hear the sound of your own heart exceptionally well as it races in time with the on-page in-book action.

The Cosmo Red Hot Reads are an exciting collaboration between Cosmopolitan magazine and Harlequin UK & Mills and Boon. They are set on bringing you the spicy tales and romantic interludes of today’s modern woman. This book brings you Ripped and Burned, the stories of two sisters.

Ripped is all about the voluptuous, intelligent and wee bit unlucky Hayley. Her boyfriends can deal with the curves but not with the brain that comes with them.

Morgan brings up an important issue in Ripped, just how often men feel threatened by a woman they are in a relationship with if she is intelligent, and even more so if she has a career in a predominantly male field. More often than not women are expected to follow not lead and certainly not walk beside the male in the relationship.

Luckily she seems to have caught the attention of a hot piece of hunky called Nico, who doesn't want to change her and wants her in her entirety. What a pity Hayley has decided she will only play without any kind of strings attached.

In Burned we get to hear more about Hayley’s sister Rosie, who seems to be rather good at scaring away her male friends. Physically scare them that is. Just her bad luck, obviously a trait inherited via her family, that she just happens to bump into the one person she never wanted to meet again.

Hunter Black is back in town and ready to mess with Rosie again. Mess with her head, heart and most definitely with her body.
Rosie is powered by her conviction and willpower, just say no to Hunter. No problem for a tough girl used to fighting her own battles. Right?

These are tantalizing, sizzling stories of smouldering bodies melded together like a hot fudge sundae and the romance is just the cherry on top.

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