Tuesday 24 June 2014

Shiver of Light by Laurell K. Hamilton

At long last the Merry Gentry book with the big baby reveal is here. I will try to avoid any major spoilers, which will be terribly difficult. What I will say is they are

There is a strong layer of maternal emotion throughout the story. Yes, I know Merry has given birth, ergo it is only natural for that aspect to be part of the story.

I am talking about the way Hamilton has managed to instill that particular emotion with a strength and abandonment I found quite impressive. Exactly the right amount to extract a coo, a sigh and perhaps even an imaginary whiff of baby.

Regardless whether it was by intention or due to the medical necessity of the storyline, I was relieved by the lack of or minimum use of sexual activity.

Hamilton's books are often drenched or rather soaked with so much sexual interaction that it bogs down the story, and is often to the detriment of said story.

Hamilton is a talented scribe with the ability to weave the fantastical with a taste of modern to captivate her audience. Unfortunately that talent is often kicked to the side by the stronger tendency to have her characters romp, ravish and fornicate.

Luckily this time it wasn't the case, well at least not as much as usual.

Merry transfers or awakens powers with skin to skin touch, sexual intimacy and sex in general. She also makes those she interacts with on those levels much stronger. That per se, aside from how often, isn't a problem. What I found questionable is Merry doing it with individuals she doesn't like, doesn't trust and only doing it to awaken their power. Indeed there seems to a waiting list to 'visit' with Merry for a special awakening.

Although this part of the popular series is filled with joy there is also a shock and heartbreak in store for Merry and her small bus load of men.

I think Hamilton could use this deep breath and break she has taken from Gentry to take the series in an entirely new direction. The children offer the opportunity of a fresh start. There could be a spin-off featuring the Gentry offspring, whether as a YA or a new urban fantasy series.
I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.

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