Monday 7 December 2020

#BlogTour The Villa of Dreams by Lucy Coleman


Today it's my turn on the BlogTour The Villa of Dreams by Lucy Coleman.

About the Author

Lucy Coleman is a #1 bestselling romance writer, whose recent novels include Summer in Provence and Snowflakes over Holly Cove. She also writes under the name Linn B. Halton. She won the 2013 UK Festival of Romance: Innovation in Romantic Fiction award and lives in the Welsh Valleys.

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About the book

Seren Maddison left behind a rainy Britain to follow her dreams and live and work in Lisbon. The vibrancy, the beautiful scenery and the sunshine, made her fall in love and she knew, instantly, that it would be her forever home.

International artist Reid Henderson has homes in Lisbon and London. Following his painful divorce, his dream is to turn his luxurious home into an art school and gallery.

When Seren and Reid first meet there is an instant attraction, but they are both people who have been hurt, and each have dreams that are so far apart, they aren’t even on the same page. 

Can they enjoy one summer of happiness together, as life bestows a gift of memories to cherish for the rest of their lives? Or is their destiny to chart a path into the future, in a home where dreams can come true?

Seren and Reid may be about to discover that love is as much about what you are prepared to give up, as what you are prepared to keep hold of.


Seren left a disappointed father and her entire life behind to follow her dreams and ambitions. Lisbon is the perfect place to experience and grow from the beautiful surroundings. Her day job brings her into the inner circle of Reid, an international artist of great esteem.

The two are connected through their love of creativity and artistic expression. They bond over the beauty of what others see, but rarely take in its entirety. What begins as a common interest blossoms into something more. Their connection is threatened by the commitments and baggage Reid comes with, which includes a particularly possessive ex.

It's a romance, a relationship that grows steadily as Seren and Reid get to know each other. A read that gives readers a moment of escapism and joy.

Coleman gives readers a real sense of the surroundings. The emotions that awaken when confronted with creations infused with talent and vision. The complicated reality of new relationships, failing to live up to expectations, and the fear of actually being brave enough to follow your dreams.

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