Thursday, 10 December 2020

#BlogTour A Time to Lie by Simon Berthon

Today it's a pleasure to take part in the BlogTour A Time to Lie by Simon Berthon

About the Author

Simon Berthon worked at the top of the television industry for nearly four decades as an executive producer, producer, director, and writer. He was a founding partner and Chief Executive of the successful independent production company, 3BM Television, and was Vice-Chair of Directors UK from 2007-2011. Dividing his time between London and Wiltshire, he now writes thrillers and works independently as a freelance executive producer and consultant.

Simon has written three non-fiction books to tie in with his award-winning television programmes. In 2016, he wrote his first thriller which was fiercely fought over by agents and publishers and came out as Woman of State in 2018 (it was retitled in paperback as A Secret worth Killing For). He has since written The Inquiry  (published 2019) and his third thriller, A Time to Lie, is published in December 2020. 

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About the book

A divisive prime minister. A long-buried body. A plot to bring him down…The bigger the secret the more dangerous it is to lie…

On the morning of the Tory Party conference, the bones of a young woman’s hand are discovered in a London building site.

Jed Fowkes, Special Adviser at the Treasury, confronts Prime Minister Robin Sandford with a terrible accusation. He claims the hand belongs to someone they once knew well: a young woman whom Sandford murdered years ago.

With his career on the brink of ruin, the Prime Minister’s only hope is to enlist the unofficial help of MI5. A decision which leads him into a new world of espionage, illegal trafficking and murder. And the deeper he goes, the more treacherous the game becomes. Because now it’s not just his life on the line; it’s the future of the state itself 


When a body or part of a body is uncovered someone starts to panic about the consequences. At the same time it is just the right leverage to get powerful people to do exactly what others want.

Set to the backdrop of a fictional Britain changed and jaded by the political grandstanding, false promises and ramifications of privileged men, the current Prime Minister has reason to be worried about an old friend popping up accusing him of the worst crime. He is eager to keep his nose and name clean and not to go under with the dregs of society. 

Quine is hired to give the PM a nice little PR job in the form of a biography in order to make him shine brighter than the full moon. Not an easy task when there are ruthless powers willing to destroy the very basis of democracy to achieve their goal. But then perhaps the PM isn't as squeaky clean as everyone thinks he is.

I have to say the underlying political story is very much an accurate description of the last few years. Berthon is right on the mark and as sharp as a knife. A political commentary and plot that reflects the manipulation, idiocy and grandstanding, which has and will change the landscape and fragile peace forged by and with the blood of others.

In combination with political power games and a possible career changing crime Berthon gives readers a sharp-tongued read with plenty of machinations and betrayals.

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