Sunday 20 September 2020

#BlogTour My Christmas Number One by Leonie Mack

Today it's the last day on the BlogTour My Christmas Number One by Leonie Mack.
About the Author
Leonie Mack is a debut romantic novelist. Having lived in London for many years her home is now in Germany with her husband and three children. Leonie loves train travel, medieval towns, hiking and happy endings! Sign up for her newsletter here

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About the book
There’s nothing quite like a Christmas love story, to get you in the mood for celebrating…
Cara doesn’t do sexy and she only does ‘Happy Christmas’ under duress. She is, after all, a serious musician, and her stubborn streak is born from her struggle to recover from a serious injury.

Javi lives for escapist fun - in his music, and in his life - especially since he’s always failed at life’s more serious challenges, including marriage and fatherhood.

Javi and Cara are forced to record a Christmas single together, but neither of them have plans to spend any more time with each other than they absolutely have to. With Christmas traditions that couldn’t be more different, and outlooks on life that are worlds apart, the chemistry just shouldn’t work. But the magic of Christmas can bring even opposites together…

From the snowy beauty of London at Christmas, to the candle-lit magic of Javi’s traditional family celebrations, let Leonie Mack whisk you away on a memorable festive adventure. Perfect for fans of Trisha Ashley, Mandy Baggot and Holly Martin.

Although this is ultimately a story about Christmas and being able to enjoy it or not, it's more about people connecting on a deeper level. People who under different circumstances would never even entertain the idea of being together. Ships that notice each other as they pass in the night, and only notice the presence of the other briefly.

Cara and Javi are thrown together by forces not under their control. Music contracts determine a collaboration that makes both of them doubt whether they can work together at all. A Christmas single by two people who have completely different Christmas traditions and music styles, and where Cara is concerned it's a case of - Christmas is a no no.

And yet they still have to find away to connect their music styles, their thoughts on life and the whole concept of Christmas. What happens instead is this beautiful bond that happens with people who have a visceral reaction and connection to the sound and creation of beautiful music, and that is the unexpected beginning of a foundation they are both unaware of.

Despite the fact this is a Christmas read, it isn't necessarily a jingle bell jolly one. I found it very much one of hope, of experiencing a person who is your opposite, and in doing so being able to discover new elements of life and rediscover the emotions you have been keeping buried for so long.

Mack manages to create a fun and often witty read, which is actual quite deep at times. I think this author is particularly good at being able to make readers feel the passion, which in this case isn't the one you might think of per se, but very much being able to experience the Joie de vivre certain characters absolutely bring to the pages.

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