Wednesday 2 September 2020

#BlogTour Charlotte McGee by Annabelle Lewis

Today it's my turn on the BlogTour Charlotte McGee by Annabelle Lewis.
About the Author
Annabelle Lewis lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota

About the book
A family of billionaire grifters. A girl seeking true love. A con she didn't see coming. Beautiful, sensitive Charlotte never fit in her family of American grifters. Determined to make her own way in the world, she sets out for New York City with a new identity, certain no one will discover that she's a Carrows. Wealthy. Powerful. Elite.With anonymity comes the freedom to love. And to be loved for herself, not her money. She finds that in David Torres, her college boyfriend at NYU. But what will David do once he discovers he's been dating a Carrows? Nothing good.

The heartbreaking devastation that David brings leaves Charlotte estranged from her family and alone. Or so she thinks. With her mother's help, they set out to right a grievous wrong. Can they repair their broken family? Can they bring David to justice?Charlotte McGee is the first book in the Carrows Family Chronicles series of billionaire romance suspense novels. If you like exciting capers filled with glamour and romance, Book One will leave you delighted and eager for more!

Charlotte doesn't want to be judged by her family, but also doesn't want to be part of their way of life. They might be rich, however they accumulate their wealth in strange ways. They aren't close per se, and yet they insist on complete loyalty. Charlotte decides that being part of their dysfunctional family dynamic is not what she wants in life and decides to move away.

She meets David and believes he is the guy she can introduce to her parents, but he does something that changes her life forever. It links her to her family in a way that makes her reevaluate what she has been taught, how she achieves things in life and ultimately cements her connections.

Lewis brings two things quite clearly to the surface about families - they can simultaneously be your downfall and the reason for your rise. Sometimes it's hard to discern which one of those things are more accurate, perhaps even both at the same time.

The idea that you become what society needs you to be in order to succeed and make money. In fact becoming someone else entirely seems so much like a con and like living a lie, that suddenly the main character has gone full circle.

It's a family saga with a crime element. A story about loyalty or what dysfunctional families call loyalty, which is actually more of pathological construct pawns are set in and used like a game of chess played on the stage of the world.

Lewis captures the way Charlotte is torn between wanting to be loved, acknowledged and respected and realising that perhaps it can never happen in the way she imagines it in her head - the fairytale setting and ending.

Buy Charlotte McGee at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher: PePe Press: pub date 12 Dec. 2017. Buy at Amazon com.

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