Tuesday 26 May 2020

#BlogTour Tomb of Gods by Brian Moreland

It's my turn on the BlogTour Tomb of Gods by Brian Moreland.
About the Author
Brian Moreland writes a blend of mystery,action adventure, dark suspense,and horror. His books include Shadows in the Mist, Dead of Winter, The Witching House, The Devil’s Woods, The Seekers,and Darkness Rising. An adventure seeker and lover of world travel, Brian is currently living in various places and writing books and short stories.

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About the book
Deep inside the tomb exists a hidden world of wonder and terror. In 1935, British archaeologists vanished inside an Egyptian cave. A year later, one man returned covered in mysterious scars.

Egyptologist Imogen Riley desperately wants to know what happened to the ill-fated expedition led by her grandfather. On a quest for answers, she joins a team of archaeologists and soldiers in Egypt. Inside a mountain tomb, they’ve found a technologically advanced relic and a maze of tunnels. Dr.
Nathan Trummel believes this tomb leads to the most guarded secrets of the pharaohs. When the explorers venture deep into the caves, they discover a hidden world of wonder and terror.

Egyptologist Imogen Riley is determined to find out what happened to her grandfather. What drove him insane, where did he get those scars and disappear to for over a year? The answers lie deep inside a cave her grandfather found whilst searching for Egyptian tombs.

Dr Nathan Trummel is just as determined to find the same cave, but for much more selfish reasons. Recognition, riches and at the core of it all an insatiable need to uncover the secrets the past left behind. 

It's a combination of horror, history and mythology.

Imogen wants in on the hunt, which isn't what Nathan wants, but she has something he needs to be able to find what they both want. Neither of them have a clue what they are heading towards.

The darkness and horror of being trapped inside a tomb full of booby traps and mysteries pales in comparison to the unknown entity stalking beating hearts. On top of that each one of them is confronted with hidden fears and mistakes best forgotten. Moreland uses inner fears and secrets to compound the element of the unknown. It creates doubt, chaos and uncertainty.

I'd like to have a good motz about the ending, but that would give everything away. Suffice to say I disagree with the overall sentiment in regards to a certain sister and the last chapter. Aside from that it is the kind of read that builds upon the fear of both the known and the unknown.

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