Sunday 17 May 2020

#BlogTour Reckless by Gemma Rogers

Today it's my turn on the BlogTour Reckless by Gemma Rogers.

About the Author
Gemma Rogers was inspired to write gritty thrillers by a traumatic event in her own life nearly twenty years ago. Stalker was her debut novel and marked the beginning of a new writing career. Gemma lives in West Sussex with her husband, two daughters and bulldog Buster. Sign up to gemmarogersnewsletter

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About the book
English teacher Izzy Cole wanted a fresh start. A new town, a new home, a new school.

But when sixth former Nicky Stevens sets his sights on her, he begins to reel her in at a time when she's most vulnerable. Soon Izzy is risking her family, her career and her life as she finds Nicky wants more than she ever planned to give.

Rogers sort of unbalances the scales between bad guy and good guy by giving us a bad woman and an even worse guy. Izzy doesn't exactly wrack up the goody two shoe points, and no there is no excuse for it.

After a traumatic time in her life Izzy thinks a new town, new home and new job will make everything alright. It seems to be her go-to coping mechanism, but unfortunately she doesn't take the feelings of others into account. It doesn't matter what the catalyst or whatever transgressions by others she feels justify her actions or indeed the fact Nicky sets his sights on her - she is still very much in the wrong.

When their little tryst turns sour and abusive Izzy finds her teenage lover has a taste for revenge and is more than a little obsessive. The question is whether she can save herself and her family without destroying them at the same time.

It's a domestic thriller, which questions guilt, blame and accountability.

The person in the wrong is Izzy, he might be old enough and trying to seduce her, but it doesn't change the fact she is the one in a position of power and in charge of safeguarding the young and vulnerable. Rogers kind of plays with the aspect of danger and recklessness, but it is one that is clouded by the question of morality. Lack of control doesn't excuse bad decisions and neglect for the emotional well-being of others.

It was interesting how the author created both main characters in a way that the reader leans towards dislike rather than sympathy. One is driven by selfish impulses and a lack of impulse control and the other is clearly a sandwich short of a picnic. It makes for an interesting read.

Buy Reckless at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher: Boldwood Books; pub date 12 May 2020. Buy at Amazon com. Buy at Boldwood Books.

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