Monday, 16 December 2019

#BlogTour I'll Be Home for Christmas by Abbey Clancy

Today it's a pleasure to take part in the BlogTour I'll Be Home for Christmas by Abbey Clancy.

About the Author
Born in Liverpool, Abbey Clancy balances her home life with her career as a model and TV presenter. She is an ambassador for many of the UK's top brands and has designed her own clothing and jewellery lines as well as launching a range of baby products. Abbey is married to Premiership footballer Peter Crouch and has three small children. I'll be Home for Christmas is her second novel.

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About the book
Popstar Jessika Malone can't believe her luck! Not only has she signed a major record deal and is topping the charts with her latest single, she's just been offered the chance of a lifetime: a tour with gorgeous megastar Cooper Black...

It's everything she's ever dreamed of - except that it means travelling thousands of miles from her boyfriend, Daniel, just when he's finally got down on one knee and popped the question.

Far from home and followed by the paparazzi, her relationship is tested more than Jessika ever imagined - will she make it home for Christmas before its too late?

Jessika doesn't really spend a lot of time reflecting on her own mistakes or choices. Everything is seen through the lens of her own frame of references. She feels hurt by the fact Daniel won't fly out and visit her, and yet doesn't consider doing the same thing. She feels jealous because he is spending all his time with an attractive superstar, but completely disregards the fact she is doing the same thing.

She acts like a spoiled child who is used to getting her own way and she certainly does when her bubble is burst on a surprise visit to her home.

I like the fact Clancy brought up abuse of power. It may not not seem important other than to magnify a certain dramatic point in the story, but it does speak to an ongoing issue that people with large followings have. The use of fans or followers to impact negatively on a third party or person. Doesn't seem like a big thing, but it can destroy lives, reputations and businesses. Not exactly the kind of behaviour that should be supported.

Also the way Cooper does this, which the rich and famous are wont to do. Using the medium of their career to diss or malign someone is childish at best and destructive at worst. The author incorporates this into the read in a subtle way and makes her point without losing the feel-good read aspect of the book.

It's a Christmas romance, a story that proves money and fame can't buy you love or happiness. That trust is an integral part to any relationship, and once it is gone it has to be rebuilt. Clancy delivers a fun, energetic read with serious undertones - just right for the festive season.

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